Energy-Flow Coaching™ Practitioner Training

Are you looking to have a greater impact in the world, and to make an even bigger difference to the lives of people you work with and those around you?

Maybe you are already a healthcare, fitness or transformational professional and you would like to work with and facilitate a significant shift for those struggling with chronic fatigue and pain syndromes, anxiety or depression. Or maybe you are just looking for something more profound, something that will give you a different perspective on yourself, health, wellbeing and life.  

The Origins of EFC...

Energy-Flow Coaching™ (EFC) was originally developed to address the primary causes of conditions including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Adrenal Fatigue, Post-Viral Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety, Panic Disorder and Depression.

Built on the understanding that chronic health challenges emerge when a brain-body system is stuck in a perpetual state of stress, EFC paves the way for healing by addressing underlying stressors. But more than that, by revealing where our experience of life and reality comes from, EFC facilitates a greater sense of peace of mind and deeper life fulfilment.

Going beyond the medical and the conventional, EFC embraces science and spirituality, and blends somatic, transpersonal, psycho-spiritual, sensory and meta-cognitive elements. In practice, EFC is a set of principles and practices that empower individuals to tap into their deeper potentials for self-healing, well-being, resilience, and flow.

Who is this Training for?

If you are a healthcare professional, health coach, massage therapist, bodyworker, nutritionist, naturopath, counsellor, hypnotherapist, personal trainer, or life coach, the EFC practitioner program will not only add a new dimension to the way you work with clients, it will facilitate a personal transformation for you. The facilitator program is not exclusively open to therapists, coaches, healers and consultants, it is also open to those who want to experience better health, wellbeing, relationships and fulfillment in life.

EFC will take you on a profound healing journey, that will offer you new and exciting insights into the very nature of your experience and what gives rise to human suffering. You will be guided and supported on a journey that will give you a fresh perspective on the nature of illness and disease, who you really are, and how identity is constructed.

You will learn how to help clients move beyond the experience of debilitating symptoms, as well as facilitating their re-alignment with their ‘true self’, helping them to unleash latent potentials, creativity and peace of mind.

If you are new to Energy-Flow Coaching, you can read more here, or get a copy of the book, The Intelligent Body here.

“I had been following Kyle for some time looking for answers and any help related to my own healing journey. It was then that I decided to sign up and participate in the Energy-Flow Coaching practitioner course. It was great very informative and life changing to say the least. I still to this day live, breathe, and apply Kyle’s theories into my everyday life.”

Angela, Australia 

“I had been working with emotions and health since 1989 and I first encountered fellow psychologist Kyle Davies in 2006 through an emotions based therapy he had devised. In the years that followed we touched base many times and I was incessantly interested in his increasing understanding of the role of emotions in health. I described his work as ‘sheer genius’. In the wake of  publishing his book ‘The Intelligent Body’ – a bible of mind-body emotional health treatment – Kyle unveiled his new Energy Flow Coaching (EFC) practitioner training programme which I inquisitively attended. Firstly, I found the course a complete joy to embrace as Kyle has that innate ability to enthral his audience,  especially when he goes off script as gold dust emanates from his mouth. From learning more about myself; the nature of symptoms and disease; the deeper perspectives of life as well as the role of emotions in well being, this course has it all and more. I highly recommend this training; this teacher and this philosophy of health, whether it be for personal development or to assist others in a career setting. Someday we will all follow this roadmap to sublime health. “

Francis, N Ireland.

What Can You Expect?

During the EFC facilitator training you are going to be guided through a deeply personal journey. Whilst our end goal is for you to integrate the knowledge and understanding to successfully work with sufferers of chronic fatigue and pain conditions, anxiety and depression, this work is more than teaching you a series of tools and techniques that you can apply.

You will deepen your understanding of how mind, body, and consciousness combine to give rise to your experience of life. This means we will be discovering what influences and impacts our ability to self-heal and experience wellbeing and fulfillment. As you deepen your understanding of yourself and your own challenges, you will become more effective at helping others.

The EFC journey takes us from believing that life is happening to us, through seeing life as happening for us, to finally realising that we are life and life flows through us.

As we take this journey we go from believing that outside life directly causes our internal feeling experience, to recognising how our feeling experience arises within us and flows through us.

Course Details

The program is split into 2 stages.

Stage 1 covers all the principles and practices of EFC and teaches you how to apply the work in your own life. This stage takes place over 3 months and comprises taught modules via Zoom and homework assignments to be completed between. At the end of stage 1 you will have a full understanding of the underpinning theory and applications of EFC. You will be in a position to apply the principles and practices to your own life and offer informal assistance to people in your life, such as family and friends.

Stage 2 is for those who wish to become licensed registered EFC practitioner. Taking place over a 9 month period, this stage focuses on the application of EFC in a therapeutic coaching setting. Like Stage 1, taught modules and group supervision sessions are delivered via Zoom. One-to-one support coaching sessions are delivered via Skype or Zoom.

Continued membership of the Register relies on compliance with the EFC Code of Conduct, undertaking supervision and Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

Click here to download the program syllabus

Click here to download a copy of the 15 week EFC Wellbeing Transformation Program that Kyle takes his private one-to-one clients through

Dates, Times & Cost

Contact us for full program dates

All sessions will be recorded for participants so if any live sessions are missed the recordings will be available. There will be opportunities for one-to-one sessions during this period to help embed the learning.

Following successful completion of the stage 1 of the program, you will be eligible to begin Stage 2.

Stage 2 will commence on Friday 16th October. Full dates to be announced at a later stage.


Enrolment Is Now Open

Tuition fee for Stage 1 of the Energy-Flow Coaching™ Practitioner Training is £647.




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