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I spent 5 years at 2 universities studying academic psychology. When I left I trained and volunteered as a telephone counsellor for a helpline for carers of sufferers of dementia and got a real taste of the discomforts life can bring.

But my real passion to understand and reduce human suffering stemmed from my own struggles with anxiety, depression, and other symptoms.

During my late teens and early twenties, I was plagued with bouts of intense anxiety and depression which impacted my education, career, relationships and social life. I tried a variety of therapies; some helped a little, some were totally pointless. As I moved into my mid-twenties, my symptoms began to recede.  I was intrigued and keen to understand what exactly it was that I had done that had contributed to my ‘recovery’ at that time. I’d been playing with breathing and getting out of my overly active mind, but there was more to it than that.

At the time I was working as a psychologist in management consulting, so I decided to train in a variety of therapeutic modalities and opened my first therapy clinic in 1999. In the early 2000s I began working in partnership with a medical doctor and we pioneered a new mind-body approach for working with symptoms of chronic fatigue and pain and other medically unexplained symptoms.

Working with hundreds of clients, reading, researching, and continuing to observe my own experience, helped me to gain real insights into how we construct our reality, and what really causes suffering and symptoms.

I began to see that human beings are designed to flow. We are self-healing and self-correcting, our default setting is to thrive. When we experience symptoms and syndromes, or are struggling in some way, something is blocking our flow, there are obstacles in the way, the energy valve is partially closed. Peeling away the layers to reveal our authentic core facilitates a return to wellness, vitality and peace of mind.

Life is and ebb and flow, with lessons and challenges. My struggles and strifes didn’t abandon me in my early twenties and as I got better at understanding the nature of experience, I could see in my own life that the layers and obstacles related to control, self-worth, resistance, sense of self, and, at a very deep level, how I saw myself in relation to the world around me.

In most cases we see life as happening to us, we are victims of circumstance. Walking the path of energy-flow helps to open us to the realisation that life is flowing through us, we are life. As we do this the obstacles fall away and we begin to experience more of who we really are.

My approach is to walk a path with my clients, maybe staying just one step ahead, applying the principles and practices together, on an experiential and ultimately transformational journey. I help my clients understand how their minds work. This goes beyond simple tools and techniques. As we begin to have a different perspective on who we are, we can shed who we are not. We can then break free from from the cage, the mental matrix with all the limiting beliefs, stories, narratives and conditioning that keep us shacked, operating in a limited version of ourselves.

The aim is to help you experience all of you. To experience mental clarity, peace of mind and live with a real sense of personal freedom.

Kyle has been chosen as a top Spiritual Coach by the coachfoundation.com