The Approach

When looking to address both physical and psychological symptoms, the Energy-Flow Coaching™ approach presupposes that symptoms have a meaning or message. They are present for a reason, your body-mind system is seeking to get your attention. From this perspective, understanding and addressing the messages helps to address the underlying causes of symptoms.

Symptoms can include:

  • Groggy persistent fatigue and brain fog
  • Muscle aches and pains
  • Headaches and migraine
  • Stomach and bowel complaint
  • Persistent or obsessive negative thoughts
  • Low mood, feeling numb or an absence of motivation
  • Body tension, a feeling of being constantly wired, stressed-out
  • Derealisation & depersonalisation
  • Anxiety & Depression

Recovering from symptoms and transforming your personal experience from struggling to flowing is like building a puzzle. There are numerous pieces that interact with each other. We have to trial pieces to see if they fit together as we build the overall picture. In health terms, this takes us away from a conventional approach of seeking a single cause and moves us to the idea of multiple primary causes, like a combination lock of causes.

In order to decipher and unpick the meaning and information behind the symptom messages, Energy-Flow Coaching™ addresses 3 levels. By addressing these 3 levels, we are effectively realigning body, mind, and consciousness as one interconnected flowing system – the True-Self. This provides the platform to take us from suffering to thriving.

You can read more about our Program Packages, and get a breakdown of the Segments that comprise our programs.

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