The 3 Levels

Level 1

…has a focus on behaviour, how we perform and do what we do. At this level we are looking at what symptoms and sensations are trying to tell us about our environment or interaction with the environment in the moment. What needs to change now. The way we interact with our environment has an enormous impact on the flow of energy in and around us. As receivers and transmitters of energy, everything we are exposed to within our environment has an energetic impact on us.

Trauma, stress, and societal conditioning play significant roles in shaping our sense of self and internal models and conceptions of reality (as well as being major players in our health and wellbeing). The interplay between our natural ‘wiring’ and our personal history forms the foundation for our current experience.

With this knowledge, we can begin to develop a picture of the deeper patterns that lie underneath our symptoms, perceptions, and daily experience.

Level 2

…is about attitudes, perceptions, and beliefs. This level is a little broader and seeks to uncover what symptoms are calling for in life more widely, what needs to change in action, behaviour, habit, perception, or belief. This is where we might need to address issues such as sleep, recovery, nutrition, and movement. At this level, we begin to look a little deeper at who we are, and how our existing unconscious sense of identity may be inhibiting us or contributing to symptoms and suffering.

Level 3

…is all about identity and our relationship with ourselves. This is the real focus of EFC and is where transformation takes place. At this level, we look to address the question of what symptoms might be telling me about the nature of who I am, who I believe myself to be. As we change and transform at this deeper level, the nature of the game changes. Our relationship with ourselves, our perceptions of ourselves, and the core of identity begins to shift, expand and evolve. When this happens, symptoms are no longer necessary because they belong to an outdated, outmoded, limited version of me. At this level, I learn to be more of who I am rather than who I am not.

Next Steps...

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