The 3 Levels



Level 1: Behaviour and Environment Interaction

At this foundational level, we focus on behaviours—how we act and perform in our daily lives. The emphasis is on deciphering the messages our symptoms convey about our immediate environment and our interactions within it. What needs attention or alteration right now?

Considering that we are both receivers and transmitters of energy, every aspect of our environment affects our energetic state. Trauma and societal conditioning significantly influence our self-conception and understanding of reality, which in turn impacts our health and well-being.

By understanding the dynamic between our inherent nature and our lived experiences, we can start to unravel the deeper patterns underlying our symptoms and day-to-day perceptions.

Level 2: Attitudes, Perceptions & Beliefs

This intermediate level expands the scope to include attitudes, perceptions, and beliefs. Here, the goal is to discern broader life changes that symptoms may be signalling. What shifts are required in our actions, habits, beliefs, or broader life perceptions? This stage often involves addressing fundamental lifestyle elements such as sleep, recovery, nutrition, and physical activity.

Level 3: Identity & Self-Relationship

The third level is the core focus of EFC, where profound change occurs. It’s an exploration into the essence of our identity, asking what our symptoms reveal about our self-concept. As we undergo transformation at this deeper level, our self-perception and fundamental identity begin to evolve. Symptoms become redundant as they pertain to an outdated version of ourselves. Through this process, we learn to embody more of who we truly are, rather than who we are not.


Ultimately, EFC is about aligning with our true self. Yet, in practice, simplicity is key. While the ultimate goal may be transformation at the identity level, starting with simple behavioural adjustments can provide immediate relief and is often the most pragmatic initial approach. Introducing clients to the profound underpinnings of EFC should be done gently, especially since many may be accustomed to more passive roles in traditional healthcare settings. Our objective is to facilitate a smooth transition from familiar paradigms to the empowering framework of EFC, ensuring that clients feel supported as they embark on this journey of self-discovery and healing.

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