Program Segments

The Segments below detail the areas we look to cover over the course of our programs. Every individual is different, so content is tailored to individual needs.

Segment 1: Symptoms are Solutions

To begin the program, we explore exactly where you are and where you want to be, mapping out a life beyond symptoms and struggles where latent potentials are realised. We outline the problems that can ensue when stuck in the ‘revolving door’ of trying to fix oneself, and the importance of reframing symptoms as solutions rather than evil invaders or something to simply ignore.

Our first exercises involve observing symptoms from the perspective that a message lies within them. We want to challenge existing ideas about the causes of symptoms and unveil what the underlying messages might be telling us. As we gather data about symptom episodes, deeper patterns begin to reveal themselves.

In order to fully embrace and integrate the stress-emotion-symptom model, we will explore our built-in Emotional System Reset and the practices of Grounded Centred Presence, Conscious Breathing, Attunintg to Body Rhythm, and Open Awareness. These practices help to facilitate our innate self-correcting and self-healing mechanisms and are the initial stepping stones towards embodied consciousness.

Segment 2: Deeper Patterns or 'Life Lesson' Challenges

As we build a picture of symptom episodes, patterns will being to emerge. These patterns relate to deeper life lesson challenges. As we move through life, we often encounter the same types of people, situations, and circumstances. These situations can often come at us in ‘blindspots’, meaning that we don’t see them coming. When we understand these deeper patterns and take ownership of our experience, we can begin to take steps to master these life lesson challenges.

Segment 3: The Pillars of Health - Nutrition, Sleep, Movement

To help reset the nervous, endocrine, and immune systems, and promote balance and equilibrium within the body and brain, we must adopt a holistic approach. A significant element of the EFC program is based around rewiring the emotional system and recoding emotional memory; however, in this segment, we turn our attention to the importance of supporting our microbiome through what we ingest, how to improve the quality of our sleep, and ways to effectively move our bodies.

Segment 4: Escaping the Mental Matrix

Understanding the relationship between emotions, feelings, sensations, moods, and thoughts is important in order to make sense of our internal world and sense of reality. Moving beyond a traditional cognitive model, this segment has a focus on understanding how we can become caught in negative, destructive mind-loops and crucially how we extricate ourselves without getting bogged down in cognitive manipulation techniques.

Getting caught in the ‘metal matrix’ prevents us from moving forward in life; it blocks our connection with our True-Self and stops us from taking action.

Segment 5: Who Am I Really?

We have introduced the idea of deeper patterns and life lesson challenges and the role they play in symptoms, struggles, and challenges. In this segment, we introduce the concept of a Limited Self and True-Self and how these play out on a ‘Spectrum of Consciousness’. In simple terms, the spectrum of consciousness offers a metaphorical explanation for our day-to-day experience. There is a natural ebb and flow to life; an expansion and contraction of rhythms and cycles. As humans, we like to think we are separate from the flow of life, able to control and manipulate life and our experience. However, we are very much part of the flow of life, and the resistance that comes with attempting to control our experience lowers our innate resilience and leads to suffering.

Life is not happening to us, life is happening for us and flowing through us. We are life experiencing itself. We are intimately connected to everything and, as such, we are subject to the ebbs and flows of life. As we experience fluctuations in this ebb and flow, our perceptions and feeling states modulate and change. As they change, we move up and down the consciousness spectrum. When we move towards the limited-self space, we feel fearful, symptomatic, constricted, our mind is cluttered, and our perceptions tend to be more negative and hostile. Life feels like an uphill struggle and we tend to experience greater suffering. When we align more with our True-Self and the higher end of the consciousness spectrum, the mind clears, symptoms ease, perceptions shift, and we flow with greater ease.

Segment 6: Living from The Inside-Out

Neuroscience tells us that our experience of life emerges from the inside-out, rather than from the outside-in. There is no single version of us, we comprise a series of aspects or parts. Life doesn’t directly cause us to feel, rather, as we interact with our own internally generated reality our perceptions and feelings emerge.

In practice, as we expand our understanding of ourselves and begin to shift from an external reference to an internal reference, we integrate all aspects of ourselves.

Through developing self-awareness, we begin to attune more to the wisdom of the body, intuition, inner knowing, insight, and realisations that form the basis of communication from our True-Self. From this new perspective, we address those perennial issues of self-confidence and self-esteem. The impact on relationships at this stage is potentially massive – dissolving the tendency to blame or be a victim, as a new sense of empowerment and understanding emerges.

Segment 7: Escaping The Victim Vortex

This segment highlights the seductive energy of the victim vortex and how it impacts perceptions and symptoms. Our aim is to identify where and when we step into the roles of victim, manipulator, or rescuer, and how to extricate ourselves. Symptoms and suffering are different entities. Understanding how we are the creators of our suffering through slipping into the victim vortex is part of the journey we are taking into full empowerment.

Segment 8: Removing the Mask

It has become something of a platitude to be ‘authentic’. However, deviation from ‘home base’ or True-Self arises for a reason. It is not always a straightforward process to ‘be yourself’. Blocking the flow of our True-Self and covering up who we really are will have served a purpose at some point in our lives. In this segment, we go into depth looking at how and why masks become so firmly fitted and how we go about taking steps to remove them and reveal a little more of who we could be.

Segment 9: The Science & Metaphysics of Motivation

Human beings are generally poor at understanding their own motivations. Frequently, we are driven by compulsions, conflict, and drama. Recognising our innate drives for safety, security, and good feelings, coupled with our developing alignment with True Self helps us to release unhelpful patterns.

Segment 10: Passions and Purposes

By this point in the program, we will have a good understanding of symptom patterns, how to access body wisdom, and move beyond the tricks of the mind. What follows is a greater alignment with True Self and a desire to engage with life in a creative manner. Our aim is to shift from seeking external emotional fixes to flowing through our inner connection. Rather than forcing ourselves to find our life purpose, we naturally nudge ourselves towards passions and purposes as we feel pulled along certain paths or trajectories.

Segment 11: Life Design & Creation

As we move through this program we are taking a journey from seeing ourselves as victims of circumstance, passive observers of a life that is happening to us, to active players in the creation of our own experience.

We are all familiar with the notion that ‘life is a self-fulfilling prophesy. It is almost as if life holds up a mirror to reflect back to us our own internal conception of reality. As we raise our conscious awareness, we can see the role we play in our internal experience and what shows up in our daily lives. When we take ownership of our experience we can begin to direct it more effectively, like guiding a boat down a river. As we change life changes with us.

Segment 12: Relationships and 'Relationshifts'

Relationships of all kinds are the essence of life. We exist in relation to each other and with ourselves. This segment will look to uncover the essence of relationships, their meaning for us, and how they are impacted by our connection with our own deeper self.

Segment 13: Communication

Communicating effectively, constructively and with integrity is a skill that needs to be learned if we are to avoid arguments or unnecessary conflict. In this segment, we go into the patterns that facilitate effective communication from a grounded conscious space.

Putting It All Together

Our final segment brings together all aspects and evaluates the journey we have taken. We will revisit any areas and plan for future success.

This is an intense program for those who are coachable and committed…this means ready to take the steps necessary and embrace the fear that arises as we move beyond a limited version of ourselves. The rewards are there in the form of optimum health and vitality, a greater sense of purpose and clarity of mind, more creativity and better relationships…be warned, it will transform you.

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