How is Energy-Flow Coaching™ different?

A frequent question that we are asked is how does Energy-Flow Coaching (EFC) differ from cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT), NLP, somatic experiencing, or counselling. Rather than discussing what the other treatments entail, below we have highlighted what is different about EFC

  • EFC is underpinned by the theory that emotional stress can lead to physical and psychological symptoms and disease. What is central to this theory is that emotion is NOT a mental process, it is a complex physiological process that takes place throughout body and brain. Altering cognitions alone is not an effective method of working on the underlying cause of symptoms so does not form part of the EFC process. Recognising the role thinking plays in our experience of life is important, but attempting to manipulate thinking too frequently leads to more problems in the medium to longer term


  • EFC suggests that a primary cause of symptoms is that when a body is in a prolonged state of stress a re-wiring of the emotional mid-brain and HPA axis occurs. This leads to irregularities in the endocrine, immune and autonomic nervous systems and the presence of symptoms. The process of EFC helps to re-wire the emotional mid-brain and re-code the emotional memory system – working on cause not trying to manage symptoms.


  • The process of EFC does involve reconnecting with the physical body, reconnecting with emotional and intuitive feelings and understanding their connection to symptoms.


  • Whilst we exist in relationship to everything and everyone around us, our feelings are not directly caused by outside events. For the most part, our feelings arise as a result of unconscious narratives, stories, conditioning and traumas. These all impact the wiring of the brain and how we see ourselves in relation to the world around us.  The energetic environment does impact us because we are part of the flow of life not separate from it. Everything from a collective fear to weather systems can energetically influence us and impact our feelings and sensations in the moment; however, our interpretation of those sensations is unique to us.


  • Current neuroscience tells us that we have an internally generated reality, so we are playing a significant role in the creation of our own experience in each moment. We do this through a combination of our words, actions, thoughts, beliefs, and level of vibration or state of consciousness in each moment. As we begin to embrace this it gives whole new meaning to empowerment and how we process and regulate our emotional feelings and live our lives.


  • EFC suggests that symptoms of a health challenge are something of a tap on the shoulder or message from a deeper wisdom within the body. The goal of EFC is to interpret the message behind the symptoms by reconnecting with that deeper wisdom or ‘true-self’


Overall, whilst there are some similarities between EFC and some other mind-body modalities that seek to treat physical symptoms, EFC is very different from most other approaches.


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