What Is The Perfect New Year’s Resolution?

We are at that time of year where we map out our list of new years resolutions. People all over the globe decide on what they need to change in order to improve their health, wealth and overall life experience.

As you can probably guess, the most common resolutions are losing weight, exercising more, improving diet, and saving money.

However, research suggests that around 80% of these resolutions fail.

The primary reason for this is that most resolutions are very ‘outside-in’, meaning that they are very externally focussed and often come from what people think they ‘should’ do.

So what would be the perfect new years resolution?

The perfect new years resolution is one that would enhance your overall life experience and facilitate a greater sense of peace of mind.

But how can we achieve this? Well, for starters, it doesn’t come from chasing things ‘out there’.

Turn away from outside-in towards inside-out

We live in a world that demands our attention. The bright lights and loud noise of life pulls us outside of ourselves. We are presented with ideals of who and how we should be. This is what leads us to continually chase and seek, whether that be trying to be a certain type of person, look a certain way, or have new and exciting possessions.

We are led to believe that by focussing on the outside, we’ll somehow make ourselves whole, better, happy and content. However, following this route always leaves us feeling empty, dissatisfied, and miserable, amongst other things.

The first step towards realising our ideal new years resolution is to turn our attention away from the outside with the associated trap of trying to fit ourselves to externally set ideals, and instead, turn inwards, towards the internal guidance of our True Self.

Build self-trust

We all have an internal wisdom or guidance system that communicates with us though feeling, sensation, intuition and inner knowing. This is our True Self or Energy-Flow. Too often we override the communications that come from this True Self and get caught up in the chattering voice in our head, with its preference for fear and force to push us along,

As we turn inwards and pay attention, we get better at picking up on those feelings and intuitions from the True Self. The next step is acting or flowing in alignment with them. This is the essence of self-trust. The communication you get from your True Self is much more YOU than the chatter that comes from the head.

As you begin to act in alignment with your internal guidance, your experience of life and peace of mind begins to improve.

Cultivate self-awareness

Self awareness at a very basic level is a recognition, acknowledgment and knowledge of the self. The feelings, emotions, thoughts and behaviours that make up your day to day experience.

Going through life without self-awareness is like driving a car at night without headlights. The more you turn your attention inwards and simply observe in a non-judgemental way, the better you will be at developing self-awareness, which in-turn will help you attune more easily to the internal guidance of your Energy-Flow, and turn away from destructive habits and patterns that have negatively impacted your experience.

Move towards what you want to experience

There is a theory that without a clear vision and strict goals nothing will get done. However, in most instances, goals are set by the mind with its external focus, not the True Self.

The reality is that we have an inner drive. Deep within us there is a desire to experience and express ourselves. As we move away from the dominance of our chattering mind and the stories and narratives it creates, we can begin to align with our own Energy-Flow. The drives and nudges that come from the True Self will pull you towards what you really wish to experience, what is ‘right’ for you at a particular time.

Your chattering mind works through force, the True Self wants you to flow.

Our Perfect New Years Resolution Is…

To align with your own Energy-Flow. To look inwards, pay attention, acknowledge and allow yourself.  The more you open up and trust that guidance the better your overall life experience will be.