What We Do

We work with individuals and teams across a variety of sectors to identify the deeper wellbeing issues that contribute to low engagement and morale, poor workplace performance, absenteeism, presenteeism, and high turnover.

Healthy, high functioning organisations blossom when leaders embrace the wellbeing-performance connection. With an emphasis on facilitating self-awareness, empowerment, and flow, we specialise in helping to develop high levels of personal resilience, mental clarity, wellbeing, motivation, creativity, and authentic leadership.

Workshops & Webinars

Our in-person workshops and online webinars cover topics including;

• Mental Health Awareness
• Managing High Pressure Situations
• Managing Conflict in the Workplace
• Dealing with Stress & Activating Resilience
• Emotional Wellbeing at Work
• Developing a Performance Mindset
• Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, Medically Unexplained Fatigue & Pain
• Beyond Mindfulness
• Managing Change
• Optimising Sleep
• Enhancing Energy
• Life Balance

Wellbeing & Performance Coaching

  • High performance coaching for leaders and managers. As a leader, you will face a variety of challenges both professionally and personally. There’s every chance that you will be required to do more with less, to excel with limited budgets or staff. In order to consistently perform and achieve you will need more than your intelligence, skills and industry knowledge. You’ll need to understand how to tap into your own innate resilience and potentials, so you can make effective decisions, generate ideas through a creative flow, and get the best out of those working with and under you.  Coaching may seem like a luxury, but in truth if you want to perform at your best and achieve all you can, it’s a necessity.
  • Wellbeing Coaching. Amongst the biggest causes of workplace absenteeism, presenteeism and burnout are stress related health conditions, including anxiety, depression, medically unexplained fatigue, pain, headaches, cognitive impairment, stomach and bowel complaint. Our wellbeing coaching program addresses the cause of symptoms based on a stress-disease framework of wellbeing. Our empowerment model facilitates a complete reversal of symptoms for those who complete the program, it also activates inbuilt resilience, so the potential for further health challenges is reduced. The other benefits of the program are increased confidence, motivation, creativity, effective decision making, and workplace performance.

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