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FrancisTeeneyKyle Davies is without doubt one of the most innovative psychologists, therapists and coaches working in the field of mind-body healing today. As a chartered psychologist he possesses a solid academic background that is coupled with a creative flair and passion to find what works in practice.  His unique and brilliant Energy-Flow and New Paradigm models provide a proven, revitalizing return to health for the growing number of people suffering from depression, anxiety and fatigue as well as various pain and other medically unexplained symptoms and syndromes. In this era of “a drug for every symptom,” Kyle’s clients undergo a proven psychological and mind-body treatment where they learn that they have to power to heal themselves — a life-transforming change providing lasting relief that comes from within.
Dr Francis Teeney
Chartered Psychologist
Member of The Division Of Clinical Psychology BPS

derekproudloveI first met Kyle when looking into alternative forms of therapy for CFS/ME in 2006. I received significant training from Kyle over time and that training changed my understanding of emotional disorders and the range of disorders referred to as ‘medically unexplained.’ Kyle’s teaching has enabled me to clearly understand the primary role of emotion in multiple disorders. This has transformed and improved my practice in psychiatry more than any other form of training that I have received. I firmly believe that the most effective forms of psychotherapy will turn out to be those focussing on the understanding and management of emotion, rather than the management of thoughts and beliefs, which is the predominant model in psychiatry and psychology at present. Kyle’s work is at the forefront of the approaches that I consider will be the future of psychotherapy. I know that Kyle also focusses very successfully on promoting physical and mental health, as well as dealing with chronic health challenges and disorders. Kyle himself is a genuine, thoughtful, articulate, caring and engaging psychologist and therapist.
Dr Derek Proudlove
Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Department of Health, Isle of Man Government

JohnStrydomKyle’s work adds an important element to the conventional approaches to psychological and physical health problems in that it goes beyond the traditional medical and mind-based paradigms in order to address the metaphysical issues which are in most cases overlooked – if not deliberately ignored – by contemporary medicine and many therapies, simply because doctors and therapists have not been exposed to it, because it is regarded as lying beyond the ‘scientific’ realm. But the scientific world has been drastically revising its understanding of the world and our relationship with it, and it may take some time for practitioners to catch up with their ground-breaking discoveries. So, if you have a problem that has not responded to medication or alternative therapy for years you could do yourself a big favour by considering Kyle’s revolutionary approach.
John Strydom
Retired Director of the Center for Applied Psychology and head of Clinical and Counselling Psychology Postgraduate Programs, University of Natal, South Africa

grete1As a Norwegian national, I have worked as a nurse both in Norway and overseas for many years. Unfortunately, I have suffered a catalogue of health problems in my adult years including polio, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME and cancer.

The most significant factor in my return to health was a therapeutic modality Kyle was involved in developing. I first met him at a week-long seminar in The Netherlands in 2008, where he was training. He became my supervisor and I learned, and continue to learn, lots from him; a whole new way of looking at life and health has opened up.

Kyle has a unique ability to grasp the essence of different scientific notions and concepts and apply the understanding to his own work, developing theoretical models as well as practical, workable tools for his clients. I have seen how those tools can be highly effective. I have worked closely with Kyle over a number of years as an interpreter for Norwegian clients, and I am always struck by his ability to facilitate huge transformations in those he works with.  He uses his theories and tools combined with his intuitive gift in an impressive way that helps clients find their way back to health and happiness.

I am impressed by the way he is there for his clients. I find that in working with patients it is extremely important that good professional skills are coupled with warmth and compassion. He shows great dedication, respect and is a person with a warm, good heart!  It is a real pleasure to work with him; I cannot recommend him highly enough!
Grete Bratberg, RN

maria8I have known Kyle Davies since 2009 when I had the privilege of being trained by him in an area of metaphysical health. Since then Kyle has gone on to be a support in the supervision of my own practice, and a support in my own personal and business development.

I have been a Registered Nurse over a period of 25 years, working mainly in a hospital setting in both the NHS and in private healthcare. When it became clear to me that so much ill-health could not be healed via the statutory route of conventional medical practice, I was happy to have the opportunity to meet Kyle and to find in him not only someone who had a real passion for his work and undoubted expertise, but also a person of great integrity, and someone I could trust as I made the shift from earning a living in conventional practice to an area of alternative healing.

Kyle has great knowledge of his subject, and has the courage of his convictions to want to reach out to sufferers, and to empower them in such a way that they are enabled to understand and to meet their own concerns without the need for unnecessary interventions.

I too feel empowered by my professional connection with Kyle. He has always been someone I could count on to share with, and who I knew always had my best interests at heart.

I am happy to recommend Kyle as a professional, caring healer, and a trustworthy, supportive business connection.
Maria Whiteley
State Enrolled Nurse (SEN), Registered Sick Children’s Nurse (RSCN), England