Client Testimonials

Here’s what our client’s say…

“I love what I learned from you Kyle, I’m recovering now after applying the understanding and knowledge you taught me. I’m sleeping without medication, I no longer suffer with that heavy chronic fatigue, and I am no longer fearful as I once was.

I have eyelashes again!! And my eyebrows are growing back.

Please help others, Kyle, more because of all the psychologists I’ve met, you are the only one who has made sense. You have the BIGGEST key in helping people.”


“I just want to say thank you, the last session really changed my life…a massive readjustment in the way I see the world.

When I started therapy this is not what I expected at all. I thought you’d give me tools and techniques to help me cope or manage with what was going on for me, but this has been nothing like that at all.

It’s incredibly freeing,I’ve developed a much deeper understanding of myself”


“Just wanted to say a big thank you for the sessions we had last year. I’ve come along leaps and bounds in the time since then and I’m really feeling better than I have for a long time.”


“The biggest changes have come from not fighting myself, or trying to control everything…just allowing my True Self…my Mental Health has transformed”


“When I look back at how I was in late February and how I am now the the change in massive. I’m completely different”


“I just wanted to leave you a note and tell you that I am amazed by your program and book. They are masterpieces!

Weeks ago I wouldn’t have gone to the birthday party or I would have doubted a hundred times if I should go or not. If I had gone I would have restricted myself with what I eat.

This time I asked my inner self if I should go and the answer was immediately clear. I went and had a blast. My friends told me that they saw me differently and with a really good energy. Thank you!

I knew it was the right thing to join your program.”

KR, Germany

“I woke up this morning expecting to feel like utter shit…and I didn’t…wow, brilliant”.



“I have attended many workshops here in California (the epicenter of all things healing) but nothing has shifted my consciousness or empowered me as much as the EFC program. 

When I first contacted you, I was basically immobile, exhausted, chronic pain, migraines, and I would say very scared of my own body as I woke up each morning. 

Life had been, well, let’s just say challenging. At the beginning of the program my daughter was under suicide watch and back living with me. Needless to say, I was constantly re-traumatised and symptoms were up the wazoo.  She is bipolar and very challenging. In April she went to live with her dad – who had abused me badly before divorce and left the family without support when she was 12 – her sister 10 and brother 3. Following her departure she would frequently contact me 3 am to get mad and demand apologies.  It was incredibly painful and re-stimulating, which was compounded as she was living with my abuser.

Anyway, despite all this I immersed myself in the EFC program and began to have big breakthroughs. I am now completely migraine free after years of experiencing them very frequently!!

My energy has improved and 4 times a week I take a 3 mile walk to the shops to get basics and carry them home in a back pack. I extended my walk by a mile yesterday and made it.  I have cleaned up the apartment and am back doing meals, etc.

I know this sounds very basic, but it is HUGE for me. I really thought I was heading towards immobility. And I am beginning to have confidence that I can generate resources and income again in a healthy way that serves me too. I feel more empowered and can, for the first time, really imagine and envisage a future that I want and can get excited about.”


“Before working with Kyle, I was overwhelmed by anxiety. I was worried about many things in my life and I reached a point where I also became afraid of physical sensations and experiences in my own body. I felt trapped and confused about what was happening to me. 

As I looked for help, I was discouraged by doctors and psychologists who seemed dismissive of my situation or narrowly focused on individual symptoms. I received several recommendations for medication, but little insight. I felt isolated and exhausted, both from managing symptoms and struggling to find help.   

Kyle was the first person I met who appreciated the connected nature of my anxiety and physical symptoms. Unlike other doctors and therapists, Kyle strongly believed in my ability to improve without medication. His casual, warm, yet professional demeanor kept me going as I worked to move beyond a single-track fixation on my symptoms. His encouragement helped me expand my focus.

Kyle’s perspective and guidance gave me a new way to view anxiety as a vital signal rather than an overwhelming state of being. This perspective guided me toward new opportunities that I thought were impossible a few months earlier. I recently started an new job that is much more in line with my interests than my previous profession, and I feel a stronger sense of connection than I have in years.”



I just wanted to check in with you, to give you an update on things…… not because it’s very interesting, but because your words, book & podcasts have continued to guide and inspire, and I just wanted to let you know that! 

Life is good and getting better – I still have a long way to go, but the little, tiny “wins” I’ve put in place/ discovered over the past 12-18 months are finally starting to show as one bigger thing. 

I think my discovery of who I am is still very much ongoing after being what others wanted me to be for 40+ years, but it’s a LOT better – I am starting to feel very comfortable with who I am; and what I need to do to continue the journey – many are practical developments – diet; exercise, etc, but some are longer term – trusting my instincts further, checking back in when I start to overthink and reverting to old habits etc, but at least I can see this and am able to more easily deal with it. 

I no longer take ANY tablets, and THIS has been a massive step forward in clarity of mind and giving me the mental strength to crack on with going forward – I miss, but the benefits of NOT taking them far outweigh the short term fix. I feel so much stronger and able to cope with things! 

I am able to deal with tricky, stressful situations with relative ease now, or at least not allow crap days, criticism, stressful situations to ruin days upon days, re-running it hundreds of times over in my head. It’s soooooo liberating!! I also have an opinion……. and I’m putting it out there!!!! It’s freaking awesome!!!! Who knew?!?! 

So, going forward, it’s onwards with current personal developments and picking up things I love – gym membership is happening this week and I can’t wait (coz I hate the running!!!); I am starting some courses that I’ve always fancied that I hope will lead to a more satisfying future career; and I’ve decided to start a band where I intend to be as OTT as is possible and push my voice.

The above is just a very small snapshot of how things are – but they have all contributed to a feeling of self-worth, contentment, strength and happiness!! It’s all down to you – I know we haven’t seen each other in FOREVER, but I really do believe that your work kick started a massive change and continue to influence it. Yup, it’s taking a long time and I’ve taken many, many steps back to go forward and hell yes, it’s been hard, but sooooooo worth it!!!!!! 

Thank you! “


“I just wanted to say that I have found the work I have been doing with Kyle extremely helpful. I have been slowly recovering from chronic fatigue since a bad burn out about 8 years ago (which saw me off sick from work for 3 months unable to function). Lots of things have been helpful – prioritising a good nights sleep, a mostly healthy diet with small snacks to keep my blood sugar level and no caffeine, making life changes, avoiding stress etc etc. However despite being able to lead a mostly normal life for the past couple of years low level fatigue was still my almost constant companion. Since working with Kyle something has shifted and I feel ‘normal’ more often than not. The work (for me) is quite subtle i.e. a subtle change in thinking/behavioural patterns or emotional recognition but the results seem to be very effective.”


“I was lacking confidence, experiencing significant internal discomfort and anxiety in a whole variety of situations in my life, including being alone in public, going to social events, using public transport and other things.

Your program helped me enormously and completely changed how I feel about myself. The tightness and sharp pains in my chest have pretty much disappeared, I feel much more in control of my life and more comfortable with myself than ever before.”


“I had CFS for over 15 years. I was fortunate enough to find Kyle and work with him for about 6 months. I consider him to be a vital part of my recovery from CFS/ME.

He was wonderful to work with, very intuitive and diplomatic, and used his many skills to find and understand exactly what was needed to best help me. He’s easy going, uncomplicated and his methods are straightforward to understand and put into practice, and useful for everyday life. He was also very accommodating with the time difference, with me being on the other side of the world.

I would recommend him to anyone. Even though I am very grateful to be well, I will miss talking to him. Thanks so much Kyle.”

DM, Auckland, New Zealand

“For nearly two years, I suffered from symptoms commonly referred to as Adrenal Fatigue such as anxiety, insomnia, lack of energy, etc. Kyle helped me identify the true cause of these symptoms which not only allowed me to manage them better, but ultimately allowed me to begin healing my mind and body and rid myself of the symptoms completely. I wouldn’t be where I’m at today if I hadn’t taken the step to work with Kyle and I highly recommend others do the same.” 

JB, Minnesota, USA

“ME is a damaging modern life illness which continues to bewilder conventional medicine and leave sufferers feeling isolated, confused and helpless. New ideas are needed to help unpick it. Kyle realised this many years ago and has been busy pioneering a new approach to help sufferers like me.

Working with him has quite simply made me feel better. In a calm and gentle way he has helped me to understand and untangle the mess I have found myself in, and my concentration and energy levels have bounced back as a result. He’s helped me to restore my health and happiness and I’m very grateful to him.”

RO, Wales, UK

“Had to call you ! Every penny dropped and I’m starting to understand it all – thank you it all makes sense – that and you were brilliant – thank you!”

RG, Wales, UK

“‘I am recovering from fibromyalgia,’ these are words I never thought I would hear myself say, especially given that I know people who are very ill with this condition, given that I, too, was sofa-ridden and depressed at living with years of constant pain. I did not think I would ever get better. I tried medication (which helped for a bit) physiotherapy, cranial sacral therapy, repeated massage, healing with horses, herbs and vitamins, resting, exercise, shamanic journeying, breath therapy, acupuncture, alterations to my diet, counselling, and I have read countless books on healing and neurolinguistic programming. The list goes on. I spent thousands of pounds ‘trying’ to get well, ‘trying’ to figure out why I had this condition and while some of the above brought varying levels of relief, the pain always returned with intensity and always rendered me distressed (and exhausted). And then I watched one of Kyle’s free online webinars and something he said clicked for me: that the pain is a signal from the body that something is being ignored, some emotions are being suppressed. Although I knew this to a degree, what I have always sought to do is to either resist that emotional discomfort or try to solve it. But Kyle’s approach re-educated me because he has shown me that I don’t need to do either of those (resist or solve); instead he has been helping me to accept, allow, and let go. It really is so simple that it’s difficult to imagine that it could improve an illness that is complex and all-consuming. I have lost over half a stone, I feel in control of my response to pain, and I rarely have symptoms now. When I do get the odd hand ache or hip pain, thanks to Kyle I have the tools to greet the pain and to release it. I no longer feel trapped in an unhealthy body, I no longer feel ashamed that I have an illness  that is ‘all in the mind’, it’s much simpler, symptoms:  what do I need to notice and what do I want to do?

Kyle’s words ‘there is nothing to solve here’ have become my mantra and have gone bone-deep. Soon I will no longer have fibromyalgia, I am certain of it, and I am indebted to Kyle and his kind and generous approach. Kyle is not evangelical about this process, he does not see it as the answer but as an answer that could work. It does.”

CP, Wales, UK

“Thank you so much for all your help, I’ve experienced some really wonderful and remarkable changes in my life and in my relationships because of your work.  

“I have been to many, many therapists, energy healers, acupuncturists, naturopaths, etc. trying to recover from first the anxiety and then stress related health issues and then chronic fatigue, and I have come across a lot of insincerity (that is putting it kindly). The last few people I contacted before I found you knew less than I did about what they were doing, and that’s just because by then I had read and researched just about everything about the issues I was experiencing. So what I really appreciate about you is your sincerity and willingness to really go above and beyond to help people, and the originality of what you are doing really comes across. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate that; there is such tremendous value in what you are doing.

“What is exciting to me is that I think you’ve found a way to address these illnesses and conditions that chip away at your health. Lots of practitioners seem to know that these conditions are caused by stress and emotion. You have figured out how to do something that no one else seems to know – that is awesome!”

RM, Virginia, USA

“Kyle has done a superb job in helping our 13 year old son deal with his anxiety. Kyle has built a close and trusting relationship with him, which makes him very relaxed in talking through his challenges and anxieties. Kyle was able to make rapid progress, giving him practical down to earth advice. As our son has gained in confidence so the visits to Kyle have become less frequent, but every time he goes back he makes further progress.  We are indebted to Kyle and his calm practical advice”

SM, Wales, UK

 “I have been in and out of therapy since I was fifteen years old but was always a little uncomfortable with the idea. I never felt a connection to any of my therapists until I met Kyle. He is has not only been an amazing listener but has provided me with the tools I need to get through the challenges I face each day. I can honestly say that I consider Kyle as more than a life coach but a friend.”

MB, New York, USA

“How can I ever begin to explain the miraculous impact Kyle’s treatment has had on my life? I feel like a totally different person living in a totally different world.

“I feel like I’ve permanently quantum jumped into a parallel universe as my whole life is so amazing. I wake up feeling rested and full of positivity about the day as I’ve now found the life I really want instead of what I thought I wanted. People keep remarking on how happy and confident I look, even complete strangers.

“Previously I had become so disconnected from what my spirit really wanted that I spent 15 years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME, Fibromyalgia and Candida. I suffered severe pain; felt either exhausted or sluggish most of the time, stressed, uninspired, and hopeless; had nightmares, hypoglycemia and many other symptoms. I tried conventional therapy and coaching but it didn’t work, as I couldn’t work out what I wanted in life. Through working with Kyle I have learned to live without these symptoms and feel better than I’ve ever felt in my entire life. Now I know what I want and am able to pursue it.

“My relationships with the people around me have changed as I am now able to express myself more openly and engage in a deeper and more fulfilling way with the people around me. I am more confident to communicate my true thoughts and feelings, which not only enriches my life but also everyone else’s.”

TN, Wales, UK

“Kyle, I wanted to take time to write you a short note of appreciation for the help, support and guidance you have given me. To put it simply, you have transformed my life.   

“Through the work we have done together, I can honestly say that the inner change in me has been astonishing and I will never be able to truly express my gratitude for this. For so long I felt lost, but you have helped me reconnect with who I really am and this has resulted in such positive changes in all parts of my life.

“Your guidance has opened up my perceptions, intuition and awareness and these are getting stronger every day. This has resulted in my relationships with family and friends changing for the better, and I now have the strength and confidence to take steps to make my future more fulfilling – not just for me, but for everyone around me.

“Thank you for showing me how things can be after years of living life in the darkness of depression and losing who I was. I look forward to continuing our friendship and voyage of discovery into the light.”

AJ, Wales, UK

“When I first went to see Kyle, I hobbled into his office on my walking sticks. My plan was to go with my partner to get a wheelchair following our first session.  I had suffered with Fibromyalgia for 7 years and had tried a variety of solutions offered by my doctor, but unfortunately none had given any relief of the symptoms. Kyle helped me look at my condition in a new way.  It took a little while to really sink it because it was such a different way of looking at the body and symptoms.  But when I really started to understand and implement what he told me my symptoms started to fall away.

Kyle’s work quite simply transformed my life and I will be forever grateful for that.  When I finished working with Kyle I signed up for a local charity fun run – I never did need that wheelchair.”

MM, Ireland

“I have found working with Kyle the most effective treatment in overcoming Chronic Fatigue, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, and Anxiety I have tried.

“The strategies I have been given by Kyle have changed the direction of my life and health for the better. I would recommend Kyle to anyone suffering from ME as well as those interested in improving their general health & developing their self awareness.”

MT, England, UK

“After years of living a life I thought I loved, I fell ill with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. My life ended, I lost everything and became largely housebound unable to work, have fun, or do simple life tasks.

Having ME was a total nightmare, I had days where my mother had to feed me I was so ill.  When I met Kyle I was very skeptical, I had tried so many different types of treatment and had largely given up hope that there was anything out there that could help.  It took my a while to come around to Kyle’s way of thinking, but when I did my life transformed.  He helped me regain my health completely, as well as develop a much deeper understanding of myself. My life has begun again and I am living it to the full.”

AL, Wales, UK

“Thanks for everything, I couldn’t have done it alone.Thank you for all the help you have given me.  I have really improved over the months since our first session.  

You have given me lots of techniques which have helped enormously, and I have a much better understanding of myself.  I am learning to enjoy life now and very minor symptoms only appear rarely.  I have the tools now to overcome whatever challenges lie ahead.”

MT, Northern Ireland

“Before working with Kyle Davies and right after my first MS attack, I was someone who was always struggling and trying to control everything including people, situations and events.

I was also always very frustrated, feeling as if I was fighting against the tide. I realize I was also quite angry underneath it all. Now with the work I have done with Kyle, experiencing the moment, developing soul trust, feeling into potentials and intentions, I am able to flow. I feel everything very strongly thought my heart center, then let it flow effortlessly without fighting, struggling or resisting.  I let it go and I don’t think about it at all. What I find is that I have learned to remain aware of everything going on around me and what comes into my path, and I pay attention, not with my mind, but through feeling. 

“Sometimes, when I set an intention for creative ideas to flow to me, I find that at some given point, I get a brilliant idea that also helps my intention to flow to me.  As I see these things come into my path, I act on them in some way. This is also helping me to know that I can recover my health through my intention, feeling and getting in touch with the deeper parts of myself and letting them flow.”

SO, England, UK

“Kyle’s program has taught me a great deal about the vibrational and energetic aspects of me and my life. I now feel more connected and aligned with my soul than ever before.

I discovered that I energetically closed myself in some situations that I didn’t want, situations that were safe and some even pleasant for me. I had blocked them and didn’t know how to get past the discomfort that I felt.  Kyle helped me remove the blocks that were preventing the real me from flowing.

Before Kyle’s program I was just conscious of the fact that something wasn’t OK without knowing what. Hi s work enabled me to reclaim control over myself and my direction in life.

The exercises were easy to do. Often the first time I met some resistance but afterwards this disappeared totally. It was important to repeat them. As I did I found that my emotional experience began to move in a direction that resulted in a much more positive experience of life. 

The most important change I realise is difficult to explain. It seems to me that my emotional center is less turbulent. That gives more rest and stability in my emotional life.  I feel more grounded, more centered, more in control of my life. I now feel much stronger in difficult and stressful situations in life, which is wonderful.”

GV, The Netherlands

“When diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ M.E., I found very little help but thank goodness I found Kyle!

I am very open to new ideas and his careful programme ensures that you become efficient at self awareness of your symptoms, emotions and the path which is best for your physical, spiritual and emotional health. Feeling so much more in control and hardly any symptoms. Thank you so much Kyle.”
VE, Wales, UK

“At times all we need to have is meaningful conversations with someone neutral. That enables us to reflect back on the most important things we need to focus on.  Kyle does this, he brings clarity in.

The main thing for me was to move away from pain and aches of the past and worries from an uncertain future and the stress experienced in the present.  Kyle gently suggested further adequate steps for me to move on.

 It only took a few conversations with Kyle to shift something big, which was weakening me. My attitude towards myself and towards others changed; my general health and well-being visibly improved and I got a job that suited me better and found myself closer to my values.

Kyle empowered me to make the right decisions; giving me practical tools and real life examples to make me see the bigger picture. 

The result was instant: I became more proactive in my healing, and got things moving. The emotional pain from the past didn’t vanish completely but shifted and at now I manage it!”.

MC, France

“This process to me was like removing my shackles and becoming physically and emotionally free.  
I re-joined the human race better able to roll with the punches and more importantly ready to party from life’s joys .”

Celia, UK

“Anxiety and panic attacks had plagued me for years and seemed to be getting worse and more frequent. As a professional singer, good health and vitality is critical. The symptoms were varied but affected my voice leaving me unable to sing or perform. Kyle gave me all the tools to heal my anxiety.  He offered me a new perspective of myself, life and ‘all that is’. I’m happy to say I’m back singing and loving it.”

GD, Wales, UK

“I had Chronic Fatigue Syndrome for 8 years before I was diagnosed and for more than 6 months of that I was severely affected. I had 10 sessions with Kyle Davies. Kyle made me feel believed, understood and I feel he empowered me to take control of my life.”

LL, England, UK

“On a glorious day in the spring of 1999, during a weekend break in the Cotswolds, England, a tiny, nymph-stage tick attached itself to my left foot. Three days later I noticed the first signs, which heralded a profound transformation of every aspect of my life. 

This is a full account of the trials and tribulations connected to the journey, which took me from that point to where I am now, rather long but necessary to explain my search for health and its findings.

“I would like to express my respect, and deep gratitude to every doctor and scientist, who has braved the controversy connected to the term Chronic Lyme Disease, in an attempt to find ways to help sufferers. I have learned that their compassionate efforts have exposed them to ridicule, slander, harassment, and damage to their careers.

“The total confusion and uncertainties surrounding chronic Lyme Disease will be well familiar to those, who have been diagnosed with this disease, and indeed, to those, who care for, and act on behalf of Lyme Disease sufferers. The woefully inadequate and expensive blood tests, the easy dismissal by the vast majority of the medical profession of an infection, which cannot be traced in standard blood tests, the dire implications of being misdiagnosed with, and treated for one of the many ‘little understood’ autoimmune disorders, the many different treatment approaches and predictions… all make it very difficult to decide what to do and where to turn to. 

“Like many fellow sufferers, I turned to the internet, in search for any reliable facts; to little avail. There is no shortage of information, but with many contradictions. No clear picture emerged.

“Not, until I was given a book by Dr. Petra Hopf-Seidel*, a German neurologist and founder member of the German Borreliosis Association, who runs a clinic for severely ill, late stage Lyme Disease sufferers, did I begin to understand a bit more about the nature of my affliction. The book is a gentle and compassionate guide through every stage of the infection, treatment recommendations for the various stages, a list of all suitable antibiotics and their side effects, damage limitation advice, and many other aspects of this life changing illness. The book also made me aware of the differences in treatment approach between the US, with its aggressive, iv-administered combination of antibiotics, and the much more gentle methods used in mainland Europe, which directly incorporate an array of alternative healing methods and herbal remedies, aimed to reduce the side effects of aggressive pharmaceuticals and the attempt to re-balance body and mind. I began to search for alternative ways to heal myself, starting with the recommendations in Hopf-Seidel’s book.

“Over time, I had noticed that activities, emotions, conflicts, and fears affected the worsening or lessening of my symptoms. I believe, that my work as a painter has helped me to contain the illness over several years. My mind was constantly engaged in observing things, and looking for inspiration relating to my work. This drive to improve my creative endeavours would often override anything else in my life. When I had to give this up, due to optic nerve damage, my condition deteriorated rapidly. With the creative pathways in my mind abandoned, pain and fear and disability came flooding, in, and my brain seemed to fog over. It felt like being trapped in a cocoon of constant suffering, and I increasingly disconnected from the world. Relatives and friends became concerned, urging me to seek help. My GP, and subsequently a neurologist, informed me, that Lyme Disease is extremely rare in the UK, and they had never encountered a case of chronic Lyme Disease. My neurologist acknowledged my symptoms, but my basic blood test was negative, as can be expected in over 90% of chronic Lyme Disease cases. I declined more invasive testing by lumbar puncture etc. Instead, I consulted one of the handful of ‘Lyme-literate’ doctors in the UK, who have the skill to diagnose by symptoms, medical history, and physical examination, and who are willing to treat Lyme Disease patients. I understand, that most of these Lyme Disease specialist are themselves sufferers of this infection. Their treatment options are limited to individual advice, and to prescribing an effective oral antibiotic, which can generally be tolerated over prolonged periods, without the need for more, than a three-monthly liver and kidney monitoring. My specialist was compassionate, and highly experienced and professional. He knew not to give answers, before I was ready to ask a question. With hindsight, I understand, how difficult it is to treat chronic Lyme Disease sufferers, and how many personal risks Lyme Disease specialists take, in helping others.

“The antibiotic treatment successfully stopped the rapid progression of my infection. My ability to think clearly returned within three days of commencing the treatment.

“At this point I established the wish to halt the physical decline and avoid severe disability, to re-build my health to enable me to assist my husband in his endeavours, and to, eventually, share my knowledge and experiences to help other sufferers.

“Although it successfully halted the progression of my illness, antibiotic treatment felt too invasive to provide a long term solution. When I discussed alternative remedies with my specialist, he was open and interested, and he encouraged me to explore anything, that would make me feel better. However, as a GP, he was bound to orthodox treatments, and he was not in a position to give advice on alternative medicine. By the time the antibiotic treatment had peaked, and it was time for a break, I had worked out an alternative treatment plan.

“Increasingly, I saw my condition as a journey, rather than a condemnation to suffer. By researching online, as well as consulting owners of small, independent health shops, I came upon numerous knowledgeable and compassionate people, who gave me inspiration and advice. My aim was, to find affordable and simple ways to manage nutrient deficiencies, caused by the infection, ways to eliminate the build-up of toxins, which leads to arthritis and nerve and connective tissue damage, effective, side effect free pain relief and circulation boost, and a replacement for antibiotics. All of my findings are listed below.

“Over the following two years I managed to just cope somehow. I was tired of thinking about health issues, and eager to get on with life. Pressure and stress seemed detrimental, and brought back the fear, that things could go wrong again. My energy levels were very low. Overall, I was managing the disease with time consuming routines. My low energy levels and low stress resistance made it impossible for me to keep up with others. I was secretly proud to be ’functioning’, considering the obvious damage to many parts of my body from the infection. I considered carefree joy a thing of the past. I was desperately trying to overcome the embarrassment, frustration and hurt, when others showed impatience, and failed to recognise my many handicaps. Most of all, I was plagued by a sense of guilt, for not living up to my true potential.

“In March of this year, an advertisement for The Energy Flow-State Programme by Metaphysical Health in an alternative health magazine grabbed my attention. I was not really searching for anything, and this method of healing was completely unknown to me, but something in the wording connected with me and, on impulse, I sent an email, to enquire, if this method of healing could apply to Lyme disease. I received a prompt reply from Kyle Davies, and after a free consultation over the phone, I decided to go ahead and book a number of sessions. It does not feel like a coincidence, but the natural progression of my wish to get well and live a full life, that this contact was made.

“My first session had a massive impact, both, on my physical condition and on the way I viewed the potential of getting well again. I had long sensed, that the potential to heal my malfunctioning nervous system lay buried inside me, but no amount of self discipline, or mind-over-matter-thinking, had put this within reach. During my conversations with Kyle, things began to fall into place. The exercises, he suggested, soon became second nature. I learned to open up again to trusting in my mind, and in my body. I am rapidly learning to loose my fear of the disease, and with it, the power it has held over my life for so long. Within a few weeks, I was picking up many pieces of my life with ease. The strange combination, of feeling under immense tension, yet devoid of energy, has left me, and has given way to an inner calmness and peace. My energy levels are constantly rising. I no longer need pain relief. Remarkably, distorted joints in my hands and feet began to straighten out after the first session with Kyle. I clearly recall a pleasant, spiralling tingling, as if a tight constriction had suddenly been removed, allowing the blood to flow freely again. I am myself again, without feelings of guilt, or resentment of others. My family and friends are in turn opening up to me, and to the things I have to offer. I am living again.

“Like any serious illness, Lyme Disease can put you in a dark and lonely place. But you learn many things in dark and lonely places. Emerging from this tunnel is revealing a world, which is more colourful, than I remembered it to be. The potential to be myself feels huge now. I doubt, that I would be this strong, had I not been so weak before.”

MG, Germany