Releasing Unwanted Tension

Feelings and sensations in the body are always informing us of something; they are messengers. Sometimes they are giving us feedback about our interaction with the world around us right in this moment, other times they may be telling us our our internally constructed version of reality.

We’ve all had those times where we notice that we are holding tension, either first thing in the morning, or as we move through the day. If we tune into what is going on right in this moment, in some instances there doesn’t seem to be any discernible reason for the presence of that tension or why we are holding tension in the body.

In these instances, there is a good chance that you are either running an unconscious program or narrative that has you stuck in tension, or your nervous system is in a ‘habit’ of being ‘ramped up’.

When you notice this, try these following steps to reconnect and release:

  1. Come into the body and breathe, notice the tension or discomfort. Allow it, don’t resist it.
  2. You are not your thoughts and feelings, you are the observer of those thoughts and feelings (The Expanded Self). You can experience your feelings and observe them at the same time…what I mean by this is, you can notice, “isn’t it interesting that in this moment, my body is experiencing this feeling or sensation”.
  3. Open up to the idea that there is nothing that you need to achieve in this moment, there is nothing you need to do, nothing you need to prove, and no-one you have to be…feel that and notice what happens.
  4. Invite yourself in this moment to simply reconnect with your body, your true self and your Energy-Flow
  5. Remind and invite yourself that all you have to do is simply ‘unfold’ in this moment and then the next.
  6. Invite yourself to feel fully free
  7. Notice what happens to the tension

Try this out, and let mw know what you notice.