Mindset for Improved Performance at Work

In the absence of health challenges, the single biggest factor that influences performance in the workplace is clarity of mind. When the mind is clear we flow, our creativity and potentials emerge with effortless ease, and ideas are in abundance. Conversely, when the mind is clogged performance is sluggish, creativity drops, and working life can be like walking through treacle.

When we look at those times in our lives when we are performing to our best, on top of our game, flying high, in the zone, there is one thing these states of flow have in common. Clarity of mind. When the experience of the ‘zone’ is with us we our in our energy-flow, connected with our deeper selves, almost as if there is an intelligent consciousness flowing through us. In these states we are not in our head chattering away, giving ourselves pep talks or running mental techniques. Rather we are accessing our own innate flow, aligned with a deeper wisdom that is our authentic true self.

Improved performance flows when the mind is clear not clogged. Current models that teach mental tools and techniques may show short term benefits. However, in the medium to longer term they tend to inhibit performance by keeping individuals locked in a constricted thinking model that doesn’t allow for the fostering of intuition, inner knowing, inspiration, and realisations that emerge when we are connected to our core or true-self.

Rather than teaching a series of tools and techniques that are quickly forgotten and rarely implemented, we aim to offer an experience and help attendees develop a deeper understanding of themselves in order that they can access their own inner flow and potentials.

Our mindset & performance workshops will facilitate:

  1. improved mental clarity
  2. an understanding of  what contributes to foggy thinking and a cluttered mind
  3. better decision making
  4. improved self-awareness and emotional intelligence
  5. more effective communication especially in relation to
  6. the clearing of metal clutter


The Next Step

All our workshops are tailored to your specific needs. Workshop length can vary from taster sessions lasting about an hour to full blow experiential workshops lasting 2 days.

To discuss your needs further, please complete the form below and we will be in touch.