What is Energy-Flow Coaching™?

Energy-Flow Coaching™  is a leading edge approach for effectively overcoming chronic fatigue and pain conditions, anxiety, depression, panic disorder, and stress related health challenges.

Energy-Flow Coaching™ is a framework that addresses health challenges from the perspective that mind, body and consciousness are one interconnected flowing system.

The 3 Levels of Energy-Flow Coaching™

When looking to address both physical and psychological symptoms, the EFC approach presupposes that symptoms have a meaning or message. They are present for a reason, your body-mind system is seeking to get your attention. From this perspective, understanding and addressing the messages helps to address the underlying causes of symptoms.

Recovering from symptoms and transforming your personal experience from struggling to flowing is like building a puzzle. There are numerous pieces that interact with each other. We have to trial pieces to see if they fit together as we build the overall picture. In health terms, this takes us away from a conventional approach of seeking a single cause and moves us to the idea of multiple primary causes that all impact each other in a circular causality model.

In order to decipher and unpick the meaning and information behind the symptom messages, EFC addresses 3 levels. By addressing these 3 levels we are effectively realigning body, mind and consciousness. This provides the platform to take us from suffering to thriving.

The success of the program is largely attributable to 2 factors; first, we are defining stress and emotion from a mind-body-consciousness perspective rather than a cognitive perspective. In practice, this means we are looking to inhabit the body a little more. Recognising the body has intelligence that needs to be interpreted and understood. Second, we are shifting from an ‘outside-in’ model of reality, where we see life as happening to us, to an ‘inside-out’ model. This is a progression that requires increasing levels of self-awareness. The transition takes us through the stages of seeing life as happening to us, through to life is happening for us, through us, then finally we begin to understand that we are life experiencing itself.

As we strip away the false narratives and stories that have clouded the true self and closed the valve on our energy flow, we begin to see the role we play in co-creating our experience of reality in the moment.

Level 1 has a focus on behaviour, how we perform and do what we do. At this level we are looking at what symptoms are trying to tell us about our environment or interaction with the environment in the moment. What needs to change now. The way we interact with our environment has an enormous impact on the flow of energy in and around us. As receivers and transmitters of energy, everything we are exposed to within our environment has an energetic impact on us.

Trauma and societal conditioning play significant roles in shaping our sense of self and internal models and conceptions of reality (as well as being major players in our health and wellbeing). The interplay between our natural ‘wiring’ and our personal history forms the foundation for our current experience.

With this knowledge, we can begin to develop a picture of the deeper patterns that lie underneath our symptoms, perceptions and daily experience.

Level 2 is about perceptions and beliefs. This level is a little broader and seeks to uncover what symptoms are calling for in life more widely, what needs to change in action, behaviour, habit, perception or belief. This is where we might need to address issues such as sleep, recovery, nutrition and movement. At this level we begin to look a little deeper at who we are, and how our existing unconscious sense of identity may be inhibiting us or contributing to symptoms and suffering.

Level 3 is all about identity and our relationship with ourselves. This is the real focus of EFC and is where transformation takes place. At this level we look to address the question of what symptoms might be telling me about the nature of who I am, who I believe myself to be. As we change and transform at this deeper level, the nature of the game changes. Our relationship with ourselves, our perceptions of ourselves, and the core of identity begins to shift, expand and evolve. When this happens, symptoms are no longer necessary because they belong to an outdated, outmoded, limited version of me. At this level, I learn to be more of who I am rather than who I am not.