What is Energy-Flow Coaching™?

Energy-Flow Coaching™ offers a framework and approach for tapping into and unleashing our innate capacity for wellbeing, peace of mind and personal freedom.

EFC has evolved organically over the last 20 years and contains elements of therapy, coaching, and mentoring. Working with individuals presenting with a broad range of difficulties and challenges, EFC can be applied to health conditions including Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety and Depression, and also to a workplace or general life setting for helping to improve wellbeing, motivation, confidence, clarity of mind, and a deeper connection with self.

The Foundation

EFC starts with a foundation that we have innate wellbeing and resilience; we are designed to thrive in balance and harmony. The EFC approach centres around empowerment and the notion that we have the resources within us to self-heal and self-correct. If we are struggling with symptoms of a health challenge, or we feel lost, stuck, unmotivated or overwhelmed, our natural Energy-Flow is blocked, there are obstacles in the way, we are out of balance, and our core needs are not being met.

EFC for Chronic Fatigue, Fibromyalgia, Anxiety & Depression?

Drawing on the work of Drs Hans Selye, Steven Porges, Candace Pert, Gabor Mate, and other experts, EFC is that when an individual has experienced trauma at any stage in life, or is subject to on-going invisible stress, a re-wiring of neural pathways takes place within the brain. This re-wiring leads to irregularities within the autonomic nervous system, endocrine system, and immune system, which in turn results in a debilitating array of complex physical and psychological symptoms.

The process of recovery involves reconnecting and realigning mind, body, and expanded consciousness, uncovering the sources of unconscious stress, and activating the self-healing mechanisms of the body and brain.

By learning to cultivate the innate wellbeing and resilience of the body, it is possible to achieve a complete reversal of complex physical and psychological symptoms. The result is not only physical healing, but a new and deeper understanding of self and the world around us.

Too often mind and body are seen as separate entities, and a focus is placed on treating symptoms without effectively addressing the underlying cause of those symptoms. Energy-Flow Coaching™ teaches sufferers to interpret symptoms through the new understanding that their health challenge is a direct communication from the deeper wisdom of their body. When clients start to understand how and why the body uses symptoms as a form of communication, they learn to respond to symptoms in a new way. This effectively switches off the amplified stress response and enables the body’s natural self-healing and self-correcting mechanism to engage and re-establish normal functioning within body and brain.

Energy-Flow Coaches work to uncover the deeper meaning of symptoms and provide guidance on how to respond effectively to their cause.  This promotes not only in the return to health and vital functioning but also in a deeper understanding of self and our relationship to the world around us.

Energy-Flow Coaching is not a magic bullet or quick fix. Our focus is on helping you to understand the deeper causes of your struggles, suffering and symptoms. By uncovering the invisible stressors, traumas, unconscious beliefs, narratives, stories, and conditioning that have held you back and restricted your experience, we can remove those obstacles to peace of mind and personal freedom.

EFC for Wellbeing, Motivation, Self-Confidence, Mental Clarity & A Deeper Connection With Self

EFC goes a little deeper than just offering tools and techniques to help you manage or cope with life’s difficulties and challenges. EFC successfully brings together scientific understandings with spiritual principles. The work seeks to help you reconnect and realign with your True Self, and step outside the version of you that has held you back.

On the journey back towards optimum wellbeing, we address 5 pillars of health: emotion & mindset, sleep & recovery, nutrition, exercise & movement, social and environmental factors.