What is Energy-Flow Coaching™?

Energy-Flow Coaching™  is a leading edge approach for effectively overcoming chronic fatigue and pain conditions, anxiety, depression, panic disorder, and stress related health challenges.

Energy-Flow Coaching™ is not a series of psychological techniques, it is a framework that addresses health challenges from the perspective that mind, body and consciousness are one interconnected flowing system.

The approach blends somatic, psycho-spiritual, sensory, and meta-cognitive elements, and addresses the 5 pillars of health; emotion, sleep, nutrition, exercise, and socio-environmental factors.

In practice, EFC helps to accelerate our in-built self-correcting and self-healing mechanisms, and tap into our deeper potentials for well-being, resilience and flow.

energy-flow coaching™ addresses the 5 pillars of health across 3 core levels

1. our environment. As receivers and transmitters of energy, everything we are exposed to within our environment has an energetic impact on us, including people, places, activities and situations. As this energy filters through into the body, feelings and emotions arise.  Situations do not directly cause our feeling state; however, our intelligent body uses emotion and intuition as feedback about our interaction with and interpretation of the world around us. If these body sensations go undetected, the energy effects and the functioning of DNA can become blocked in the cells causing a harmful rewiring.

2. interaction with our environment. The way we interact with our environment has an enormous impact on the flow of energy we create and the feelings and emotions we may experience. We create our feeling and emotional experience by the way we behave, the actions and behaviours we exhibit, the words we use and the thoughts that we hold.  Our emotional experience literally unfolds on a moment by moment basis as we interact with the world around us. An enormous amount of our behaviour, as much as 99% in some instances, is unconscious and the result of biology, conditioning or programming. The result of this is that we tend to repeat the same patterns over and over and are often unaware as to what we are doing that may be contributing to energetic blockages. Through a process of raising conscious awareness we can begin to attune to internal guidance, intuition and feeling states that offer assistance in moving forward.

3. relationship with self – the integration of mind, body and consciousness. Moving on from Level 2, the way we interact with our environment is affected by the nature of our relationship with ourselves. Arguably the most important element therefore is this relationship with ourselves and our internal flow.  The aim of Level 3 is to move into a new or expanded version of ourselves. The process facilitates the release of old ideas about who we are that no longer serve us and the creation new expanded more integrated versions of ourselves. This transformation enables us to create a flow of energy between body, mind and consciousness. When energy flows freely health, wellness and peace of mind are experienced.