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The world of work is increasingly demanding with more to do and less time to do it in. Overwhelm, stress and burnout are expected outcomes and seen as a direct result of work and life circumstances. Business coaching tends to focus on role, skills and behaviours. Life coaches are merely accountability clerks; mental techniques that are frequently taught as methods to manage emotions and stress fail to take on board current neuroscience that tells us our emotional processing occurs at far higher speeds than our cognitive processing, so manipulating thought patterns is at best hard work and at worst completely futile.

A more effective solution is to deal with the whole person and understand that all aspects of that person’s life and their perspectives, values, and feelings will impact upon their performance at work and their general health and well-being.




The aims of energy-flow coaching™

“Kyle has been my coach for almost 3 years. He is a great listener and has a good knack for identifying the root of whatever is getting in the way of me achieving the goals I have set for myself.  He is easy to talk to with a unique perspective that I find refreshing, inspired and inspiring.”  

F. Bate. Washington DC


The energy-flow coaching™ system provides a framework that teaches you how to tap into your innate wisdom and natural flow without having to change your life circumstances. From here you will experience greater resilience, clarity, creativity, and sense of purpose. Through the system you will:


  • avoid burnout by tapping into your own reserves of resilience and flow
  • attain a deeper understanding and connection with yourself
  • make better decisions and minimise mental clutter
  • move beyond a pre-occupation with problems and overwhelm that keep you stuck
  • have the confidence to take bold action
  • enjoy vibrant health and well-being
  • gain a completely different perspective on the role you play in the creation of your experience of life
  • end the pressure arising from the continual pursuit of happiness and success outside yourself
  • know your passions and purposes and create a vision
  • feel more connected to yourself and others facilitating more productive and rewarding relationships

Who is Coaching for?

Our coaching for professionals and executives falls into 3 broad categories:

  1. High performance coaching for leaders and managers. As a leader you will face a variety of challenges both professionally and personally. There’s every chance that you will be required to do more with less, to reach lofty heights with limited budgets or staff. In order to consistently perform and achieve you will need more than your intelligence, skills and industry knowledge. You’ll need to understand how to tap into your own innate resilience and potentials, so you can make effective decisions and generate ideas through a creative flow.  Coaching may seem like a luxury, but in truth if you want to perform at your best and achieve all you can, it’s a must.
  2. Small business owner/ entrepreneur coaching. Starting or running your own business is both exciting and rewarding. Watching your ideas unfold from dream to reality will give a great del of satisfaction. However, the path to success will require that you are able to navigate through the barrage of information and noise that may confront you. Making effective decisions at the right time, wearing different ‘hats’, and managing both yourself and any colleagues will be crucial to sustainability and growth. Coaching when you’re just starting out or a small business may seem like an unwanted expense and you may struggle at first to see how it could impact your bottom line. In truth, coaching could be the key factor that makes the real difference.
  3. Wellbeing Coaching. One of the biggest causes of workplace absenteeism and presenteeism is stress related health conditions. Anxiety, depression, fatigue and pain symptoms can all get in the way of performing effectively at work. Trying to ignore or over ride these symptoms and conditions will only exacerbate the problem. Wellbeing coaching will help to understand the underlying cause of symptoms, effectively address them, and help activate innate resilience and flow so top level performance can once again be achieved.

More creativity

How much more effective, creative, capable and productive would you be in your personal and professional life if you were able to tap into your authentic creative flow, your expanded awareness and unleash your hidden potential? What are the hidden costs of poor performance, missed opportunities, lack of creativity and spark, constantly feeling stuck or overwhelmed?

You may have read books, attended courses, practiced tools and techniques only to find that it takes a lot of work that has to be constantly applied. What would it be like to wake-up in the morning and know that your capacity to find solutions to problems is available to you?

Deeper connections

Most people would rather avoid or effectively manage the conflicts, confusions and discomforts that can often arise at work and home in our interactions and relationships. As you begin to develop your understanding of yourself and how you ‘work’, you will experience a deeper connection with yourself. This is in-turn will transform the way you perceive and engage with other people, resulting in more rewarding and profound connections and relationships. We don’t achieve this connection through logic or analysis, we achieve it through re-establishing a connection with our true-self, the innate wisdom that flows through us. When this happens you’ll find your relationships with family, friends, work colleagues and associates will be deeper, and more fulfilling.

Greater purpose

In today’s fast changing world, many people are finding they are unhappy, dissatisfied and even disillusioned with themselves or their lives, struggling to know who they really are. The temptation is to seek to alleviate internal discomfort through searching for answers outside of ourselves. This either means pursuing the idea that something is broken that needs to be ‘fixed’, or by chasing material gain, trying to convince ourselves that when we’ve gotten a certain amount of money, the right job, the right car, the right clothes or body weight that we’ll be happy. Sadly for most, this results in feeling hollow, as if something is missing.

As we explore the role you play in the creation of your own experience of reality from a foundation of deeper self-connection, you will begin to feel greater fulfillment, meaning, purpose and peace of mind. However, in the absence of that deeper connection and understanding there is a very good chance that you will find yourself constantly chasing the next ‘fix’ outside of yourself, pinning your hopes on external circumstances. energy-flow coaching™ can help you find your flow, regardless of whether you seek a new car, a job promotion or spiritual enlightenment.

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