Activating Our In-Built Resilience at Work

Wellbeing at Work

The common view is that organisational culture, work overload, and poor management skills are the primary causes of workplace stress. Whilst there may be a high degree of truth in this, we continue to see statistics telling us that the cost to industry of absenteeism and presenteeism are spiralling, so to what extent is it possible to effect a change in these areas?


The perspective of Energy-Flow Coaching™ is slightly different from conventional views that seek to identify external events that cause stress. We’re used to seeing lists of disastrous occurrences such as job loss, relationship breakdown, moving to a new house, etc., as being the most familiar sources of stress. However, entertaining this externalised view renders us powerless, unable to manoeuvre in a fixed reality. There is a different perspective that is far more empowering and can make the difference between extended suffering and . Our experience of reality comes from inside us and is fluid and flexible. Emotions are not triggered by external events, they are created inside us. Our sense of reality at any given moment is hugely affected by our feeling state, and our feelings flow and can change moment to moment. And often this has nothing to do with external events.


Our emotions arise as a result of our interaction with our environment, the meaning we place upon our environment and the events that colour our lives. We cannot control external events and we do not need to. Life is life and we need to flow and move with it rather than trying to control it. I’m not suggesting that we are not affected by external events because we clearly are; however, our body responses are not fixed, they tend to vary.


We have an in-built resilience that enables us to bounce back like a weeble that wobbles but doesn’t fall down. Understanding and allowing our emotional feelings and moving beyond the desire to block them, label them or normalise them all facilitate this ability to bounce back quickly. Too often we see ourselves as broken and requiring major action to fix us. The horrible irony in many instances is that these fixing strategies are the very things that keep our locked in the stress mode.


Despite the natural tendency to block uncomfortable feelings, when we recognise that our emotional feelings are never a problem, never need to be solved, or analysed, we begin to see them as guides, inviting us to be who we are. They are not about other people, places or situations, they are invitations to be authentic. Fixating on environmental factors that simple cannot be changed only serves to intensity the negative feelings and stress experienced. Your job is to be you, your true self, to unfold in each moment, and allow yourself to simply be. Embracing this new perspective on stress and emotion is the path to health and wellness.

Workshop Content

Our Activating In-Built Resilience Workshops teach participants how to:


  1. Switch on our innate resilience by refocussing from the external to the internal
  2. Avoid the traps that keep us locked in mind-loops that drive performance down
  3. Effectively process and regulate emotional stress so it doesn’t significantly disrupt performance or cause health challenges
  4. Connect with the deeper wisdom of the body

The Next Step

All our workshops are tailored to your specific needs. Workshop length can vary from taster sessions lasting about an hour to full blow experiential workshops lasting 2 days.

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