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We deliver open public and in-house corporate workshops and events for:

• Organisations wanting to address stress and burnout, and enhance the emotional well-being of employees. Our bespoke wellbeing workshops teach the principles and practices needed to address symptoms of anxiety, depression, medically unexplained fatigue and pain, with a focus on reducing absenteeism and presenteeism, and boosting engagement and satisfaction at work.

• Organisations, executives, and professionals wanting to attain clarity of mind, to de-clutter, reduce overwhelm, and achieve more by thinking less. Our empowerment focused mindset and performance workshops help develop employees, managers, and leaders from the inside out, helping them gain a deeper understanding of themselves in order that they can tap into their creative flow and potentials.

• Health practitioners wanting an effective method for working with sufferers of chronic fatigue and pain, migraines, stomach and bowel complaint, medically unexplained symptoms, anxiety and depression

 • Sufferers of anxiety and panic disorder; chronic fatigue and pain conditions; and depression

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Energy-Flow Coaching™ practitioner training

This is our flagship training program. If you are a psychologist, psychotherapist, bodyworker, or other healthcare professional looking for a successful approach to working with chronic fatigue and pain conditions, and medically unexplained symptoms and syndromes, this training may be right for you. Click here to find out more


Emotional Wellbeing in the Workplace

With the growing costs of absenteeism, presenteeism, underperformance, low engagement and decreasing job satisfaction, well-being in the workplace is of paramount importance.

Effectively managing stress and stress related symptoms together with empowering employees to access their own inner resilience, flow and creative potentials is the key to success.

Our emotional wellbeing in the workplace workshops can be tailored to your organisations specific needs and requirements.

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Mindset for Improved Performance at work

The single biggest factor that influences performance in the workplace is clarity of mind. When the mid is clear we flow, our creativity and potential emerge with effortless ease, and ideas are in abundance. Conversely, when our mind is clogged performance is sluggish, creativity drops and working life can be like walking through treacle.

But what is the secret to attaining clarity of mind and flow?

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Activating our In-Built Resilience at Work

Resilience is the ability to adapt to life and tap into resources and skills that enable them to move through difficult situations. It’s commonly thought that only ‘stronger’ people have the ability to be resilient; however, this is not the case. Each and every one of us has far greater capacity to display resilience than we currently think.

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